Resilient Seated Soft Sealing Sluice Valve

Resilient seated gate valve uses a soft seal disc which is fully encapsulated with high grade rubber. The valve is designed with advance technology for easy operation, no clogging and no corrosion, good resilient memory & long service life. It can be used extensively in all water, waste water, sewage, fire-fighting, water supply system and function as a shut-off valve.

  • Advance design, less operation torque & abrasion resistance.
  • Body & Cover are made of high grade Ductile Iron.
  • Disc is designed with an abrasion resistant nylon guide that enable a smooth operation, use much less torque force during open/close operation.
  • Forged stem provide stronger stem operation and less moving parts
  • Disc is covered by high-grade rubber that complies to international drinking water.
  • Precision and high-tech rubber over mold process on the wedge ensure strong adhesive and resilient.
  • The 3 O-ring stem seals are designed to prevent from stem leakage and enable replacement of the other 2 O-rings without disassembling the valve from mainline pipes.
  • Both inside & outside are coated with epoxy resin powder to maximize service life.
  • Manufacturing standard meets BS EN 1074, BS 5163.
  • F/F (Face to Face) meets the following standard: BS EN 558-1.
Service Fields:
Water supply, sewage, fire fighting, irrigation, water circulation, heat, cooling system.
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