Butterfly Valve

DVPL Butterfly Valves are designed & manufactured to have optimum mix of structural stability, flow efficiency & effective seating coupled with advantage of light weight, compact design and ease of operation. Only a quarter turn is needed to fully open or close the valves. Our range of double offset butterfly valves are manufactured in sizes from 80mm to 3000mm and pressure from 10 Bar (class 125) to 20 Bar (class 150). The valves are available in wafer, lugged and double flanged configurations. A wide variety of drilling can be accommodated to meet most Indian, European, American and Asian specifications. Our design procedure include finite element stress analysis to ensure material suitability and strength

DVPL specialize in offering solutions to unique and difficult applications which includes
  • Motorized Intelligent On/Off application for pipeline, Tank age areas, Plant off-sites and on-sites
  • Pneumatic On/Off application for plant on-sites and off-sites, Tank age area etc.
  • Electro-Hydraulic On/Off application for pipeline and Tank age area etc.
  • Modulating Control Function for Plant onsite and off-sited, pipelines, Tank age area etc.
  • Wired and wireless Remote Operation for any plant and non-plant applications
  • Quick Closing Emergency Shut Down applications for plant and non plant applications
With experienced group of engineers and State-of-the-art in-house integration facilities, DVPL Valves provides a unique Actuated Valve Value proposition to our customers. This has been made possible due to
  • A well experienced Automation department committed to optimally design and engineer the integration of valves, actuators and accessories
  • A dedicated shop floor for integration of valve and actuator.
  • Modern automated test beds for actuated valves testing.
  • Strong relationship with qualified global actuator and accessories manufacturers.
  • Excellent track record of supply base of Actuated valves with all type of actuators (Pneumatic, Electric and Electro-Hydraulic).

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