Combination Air Valve

Combination Kinetic air release valve provides 3 functions:
1. Air venting for small pockets of air release from pressurized piping system
2. Air/vacuum for large air exhaust during filling of the pipeline and
3. Admitting large volumes of air during draining of piping system.

• Advanced design with simple mechanism, strong float to prevent cracking during sudden water hammer.
• The float will still be at bottom level even up to air velocity about sonic velocity, until water rises to lift the float and seal the orifice.
• No arms or levers to prevent vibrating, direct closure of the float.
• Smooth cage outside of the float, keep float moving in specified guide rail.
• Bottom impact rubber for collision prevention, and drain easy with proper holes around during vacuum.
• Outside screen will be an option for safety and prevent insects or birds in.
• Fully fusion epoxy coated inside and outside of valve body for long term services.
• Manufacturing standard meets BS EN 1074-3, AWWA C512
• Flange drilling and dimension meets IS 1538 and BS EN 558.

Service Fields:
For water system, fire fighting, irrigation System.

Technical Data:
Size Range: DN 50-200MM
Pressure ratings: 1.0Mpa, 1.6Mpa, 2.5 Mpa.
Working temperature: -10°-80°C.
Flow media: clean water
End Connection: PN10/16/25.

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