Research and Development

For last three decades DVPL or DURGA Brand of fluid handling products are receiving honor as good quality products as, the manufacturing organization had kept a distance to the word QUALITY COMPROMISE. The organization accepted the failure in selling the product on price ground rather than grabbing it by reception of price by comprising in cost of production through adaptation of inferior quality raw materials. Due to globalization of industries, the price of materials became extra competitive and only high volume and high quality production can yield some reasonable profit.

During the first decade of new millennium DVPL adhered strictly to the internationally accepted standards which were common practice in the competitive field. DVPL started the exploration in technological way with the start of second decade of new millennium whose findings were-

a) Quest for more productive methods
b) Critically examine the correctness of each component part for productivity, reliability, economy and above all suitability
c) Quest for more user friendly system
d) Phasing out hazardous and cumbersome production methods

The result was implementation of the obliges and adaptation of TQM in the organization. The organization started awareness building programs to educate the key people involved the organization started its endeavor in reasoning and resulting way. The first product where the real R&D started was Kinetic Air Valve. The whole concept of manufacturing was reviewed and reasoning was done. The entire concept of its operation took a drastic turn and the new style of product DVPL is now manufacturing is nothing but an improved but cheaper version of the old product. Presently DVPL is reviewing all its existing product design to ensure the following:

a) Economy of production
b) Ease of production
c) Enhanced productivity
d) Repeated accuracy
e) Replenishment possibility

DVPL is also exploring possibility of utilizing modern welding/metal working processes for manufacture of special type of valves. For such activities DVPL is using resources experienced enough for such developments and through the team built such DVPL has started its journey through the path of development in house. DVPL has worked out a codification system to identify product type with all technical details, which now being critically examined in house and awaiting implementation as soon as cleared by the approved authority. Other than such developments DVPL had been utilizing outside sources and vendor for such R&D activities for past years either by hiring services of by contracting for achievement in qualitative front.

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