Sluice Gate Wall Mounted

These gates as per IS: 3042 are Single faced rectangular or Circular type suitable for wall mounting on seating head of 15 Mtr. These gates are suitable for seating head application only. The standard opening size of these gates is from 200 to 1200 mm. size of different shape with rising and non rising spindle. These are suitable for wall mounting.

Features and benefits

  • Where small and medium quantities of raw filters, storm water or sewers have to be controlled.
  • These can be operated manually by hand wheels, with or without gears, pneumatically or by electric actuators. The gate is used for water supply drop and purification work, sewage plant, drainage water, irrigation, canal. Hydroelectric collection, aqua duct and tail rack.
  • The spindle height must be provided for the 2 m long guide bracket for the extension rod, so that non-rising spindle thrust bearings are provided. Frame yoke for safe transmission when opening and closing doors.
  • The painting specification can be selected from Chart 2.
  • As per requirement Optional features & Accessories can be selected.
  • The manual lift is suitable for loads of less than 20 kg.
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