Anti Vacuum

Anti Vacuum Valve is designed to allow large quantity of air into the pipe line during quick draining or pipe breaks. Opening of the large disk is achieved by precisely adjusting counter weight against the negative pressure generated is in the pipe line. A combination air valve is connected to the main valve assembly to vent air from the pipe line during charging and under pressure.


  • Self operated by the flow medium.
  • Intake of large amount of air during quick draining or pipe break.
  • Counter weight for precise adjustment.
  • Combination air valve for input and output of air during general course of operation.
  • Suitable for installation on main pipes.
  • Metal to metal sealing for longer life.
  • Counter weight damping to prevent the disc from slamming close.
  • Isolating valve provided for easy maintenance of air valve during operation.
Service application:
Water supply system / irrigation system
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