Stop Log Gate

Stoplogs are generally used in floodgates to adjust water level or discharge in a river, reservoir, canal. It is also used to isolate equipments such as pumps, screens, service gates for maintenance and repairs where absolute sealing out of water is not necessary. The stoplogs are designed for industrial and domestic waste environments to work against corrosion, ease of operation.

Features and benefits

  • Stoplogs are open channel level controlling gates where single multiple logs (Beams) are inserted in channel. Logs can be of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Wood, HDPE.
  • The gate has lifting beam for handling. Chain Pulley crane can be used for beam or gate lifting.
  • Rubber seals around the perimeter of the gate control leakage effectively and are hydrostatically energized.
  • Seals can be mechanically fixed and replaced.
  • These have low maintenance and low installation cost.
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