Open Channel Sluice Gate

The gates are made as per DURGA design standard. These are generally used in open channel of water or sewage. These gates are fixed / mounted between two parallel walls used to regulate the flow within as well as in and out of an open channel.

Features and benefits

  • These are suitable for seating as well as unseating water head but the height of water in both cases should be less than height of shutter.
  • These are light weight, economical Gate assemblies for faster erection.
  • The important thing to consider during design is that the height of the water in the closed state should be less than the height of the gate.
  • These gates can be self content with operating head fixed on the gate frame.
  • These gates can be provided with flush bottom wall mounted invert bottom arrangement.
  • Depending on the operating pressure and operation frequency rubber seals, metal seals neoprene/ Natural / EPDM Rubber seals with rubber retaining bar are used.
  • These gates are provided with Pin and Knuckle type stem connection.
  • Suitable coating for corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and salt water resistance will be adopted for long life.
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