Sluice Gate Thimble Mounted

Wall Thimble mounting gate is a rectangular Sluice Gate suitable for unseating head up to 30 Meter and off seating head up to 20 Meter as standard. Higher head is also available with modification. Wall Thimble mounting flange / flat back frame gates as per IS: 13349-1992 or AWWA C560.

Features and benefits

  • This Sluice Gate is very robust and can be mounted on pipe flange, wall with flange back or flat back mounted with thimble. Due to wall thimble is grouted in concrete. This gate can be easily mounted and dismounted with nut bolts fitted on thimble.
  • This sluice gate is used where there is minimal leakage. This gate is checked in the store for the desired water pressure on the wall to be the actual leakage according to the quality standards.
  • F type or E type wall thimble can be used as per requirement.
  • Compatible wedges with non-corrosive wedge plates help to seal the face.
  • Stem guide is provided if operating height is more than 2 Mts. Gate height with couplings if required.
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