Y-type Strainer

DVPL has introduced an improved quality range of Y type strainers. It is important to understand the specific objectives and differences that make the strainer unique. Although this strainer option is more flexible than the basket strainer, our Y type strainer has excellent features such as rigid construction, easy installation and hassle-free performance.

Purpose: The purpose of the Y strainer is to remove unwanted particles from the water which usually uses a straining material made of wire mesh that helps protect everything from the pump. Y strainers are designed to simplify the cleaning process. The biggest advantage of Y type strainer is its flexibility. It can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position depending on the preferences of the users. Y strainer can be made with different materials. The type of material depends on the art and application. Any type of end (flanged or socket) that you may need is also available.

Applications: In industries where Y strainers are used which require constant protection from debris. The most common use for Y strainer is in steam application. Due to its shape, a Y strainer has no problem handling the high pressure that withstands steam application. Y strainers are often used in liquid applications. Sand and gravel are two very common types of debris that pose a major threat to liquid application. When combined with water handling applications, Y strainers help protect equipment that would otherwise be damaged or stuck by unwanted particles. Natural gas and air applications also benefit from using Y strainers. Much like the application of steam, natural gas and air have high pressure levels in the atmosphere. These applications are expected to withstand high temperatures, which Y strainers can easily withstand.

Reliable operation
Accurate dimension
Maintenance free

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