Non Rising Stem Sluice Valve

DVPL make Non Rising Stem Sluice Valves widely accepted by Municipal Corporations, Irrigation Authorities, Water Supply Authorities and other Government and Industrial users. These are designed as per latest editions of IS Standard bearing ISI mark. There is no upward movement of the stem in a non-rising stem type. The valve disk is threaded internally. The disc travels along the stem like a nut when the stem is rotated. In this type of valve, stem threads are exposed to the flow medium. Therefore, this design is used where space is limited to allow linear stem movement, and the flow medium does not cause erosion, corrosion, or wear and tear to stem material. This type of valve also known as inside screw valve.

Gate Valve Applications

  • Gate valves are used in almost all fluid services such as air, fuel gas, feed water, steam, lube oil, hydrocarbon, and all most any services.
  • Some special gate valve is used in slurry and powder product also such as knife gate valve
Advantages of Gate Valve
  • Gate valve provides good
  • Pressure drop during operation is very less.
  • Most of the gate valve can be used as bi-directional
  • They are suitable for high pressure and temperature application and required less maintenance.
Disadvantage of Gate Valve
  • It cannot be used to control the flow.
  • A gate valve is slow in operation. Opening and closing take times which is good also as it reduces the chance of hammering.
  • When partially open it creates vibration and noise.
  • Repairs, such as lapping and grinding of seats are more difficult due to limited access.
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